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Re: safe to upgrade sid?

On Saturday 16 July 2005 05:11, Josh Metzler wrote:
 > There is also the gcc 4.0 transition going on and the xfree86 -> x.org
 > transition.  The current plan is that qt3 and then kde 3.4 will be
 > uploaded once x.org has built on all architectures.  I plan to wait on
 > upgrading anything x or kde related until kde 3.4 is available, assuming
 > that that will indicate the transitions that affect me will be made.  You
 > may want to do the same.
It is rather disturbing, that errors in libraries in unstable is not 
prioritized any higher than the ongoing transitions.

You can of course upgrade, but you'll need to manually install the old 
kdelibs-packages (-6.1). They'll be upgraded next time too, AFAIK.

Annoying. But then again, that's ``unstable'' for you.

Regards, Anders Breindahl.

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