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Canon S300 USB Printer

Hi there,

I am sorry, but I am new to the subscription, so pardon if this has already been asked already.

I am currently running the new Debian 3.1 with KDE 3.3 and I have a Canon S300 USB Printer. My Control Panel recognizes the printer in the USB Port that I have it plugged in, even with the right name. However, when I try to print something I don't get anything. I don't get a printout or even an error on my screen. I thought I didn't have the driver installed (or even maybe I don't, if I don't SOMEONE HELP with that too) I get this error message. Actually here is a webpage that has a screen shot of the error message I get: http://www.geocities.com/doctor_vell/printer-help.png

If I need a printer driver, where do I find one? WARNING: The picture was FULL screen (no idea the resolution of the graphic, but my screen is 1024x768).


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