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Re: kde-3.4.1 missing kompmgr for xorg

El Miércoles, 13 de Julio de 2005 15:02, hacker (of golf) escribió:
> Now that unstable is on xorg, it would be useful to have kompmgr
> included in kde-3.4.1 so we can enable the window transparency
> feature.
> Could you rebuild and include it?

Please, BE PATIENT. The KDE maintainers know very well that KDE can be rebuilt 
to support new eye candy (they are already KDE users, so they want to see 
this eyecandy / features / whatever, too!). xorg entered *yesterday* 
unstable, so there is no material time to do a new upload. Also, the GCC 4 
C++ ABI transition is in progress, so KDE will be uploaded when all its 
dependencies are in place.

Again, try to be patient, and try to be polite, please. Asking lots of times 
when some package will be available, makes developers more busy, so the 
package isn't available sooner.

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