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Re: Upgrading KDE and it's dependencies

Am Freitag, 8. Juli 2005 05:45 schrieb Bob Proulx:
> Prior to Sarge aptitude was not the recommended package management
> tool.  The common program was apt-get or dselect.  But following the
> recommendations in the release notes one will convert to using
> aptitude, at least for the upgrade from Woody to Sarge.  So really at
> that point they both have to at least tolerate each other.  In Sarge
> aptitude is recommended.
> Just the same, I can't see any documentation that says mixing apt-get
> and aptitude is bad.  (i.e. It should not break your system.)  It just
> means that aptitude won't log the installation to the aptitude log
> file.  Aptitude won't know that a package was requested by the admin
> and may offer it up for removal as an orphan later.  And apt-get may
> not be as capable of resolving certain installations or upgrades where
> aptitude is able to handle the case.

You may be right but aptitude is still very buggy. Yesterday, it wanted to 
remove all my -dev packages because of "unresolved dependencies". apt-get had 
a different idea about that and after upgrading with apt-get, aptitude forgot 
about it, too.
The view of why a package is going to be removed is not useful in such a case 
because it does not work recursive, you'll have to find out manually which is 
often  not easy.

Additionally, aptitude has some problems with pinning.

A combination of apt-get and aptitude usage works the best, I'd say.


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