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Re: Postscript printing.

Have you installed the hplip package? Take a look at this web site:



On Monday 04 July 2005 02:53 am, Geoff Bagley wrote:
> I have two machines, both running  Debian Sarge,  both using KDE, and
> each having a HP laserjet  printer.
> The first machine has a Postscript-compatible printer - an LJ1300 - that
> works fine for .PDF and .PS files,
> and I can recommend it.
> The other machine,  has a HP LJ1100 printer.  This  does not understand
> postscript directly, and requires
> a  filter between ghostscript and the printer.  (I guess that would
> create the raster needed to print).
> I  have the  recommended filter file - called "hpijs",  but have not yet
> discovered where or how to install it,
> set it up, or configure KGhostView to use it.
> Could someone please point me to the right bit of the "fabulous manual",
> so that I can RTFM ?
> I haved looked at "CUPS" and "foomatic",  but it is not clear whether
> they are needed or desirable.
> There is such a huge variety  of Linux-printing material on offer that
> it is hard to know where to start !
> Best regards,
> Geoff.

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