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Postscript printing.

I have two machines, both running Debian Sarge, both using KDE, and each having a HP laserjet printer.

The first machine has a Postscript-compatible printer - an LJ1300 - that works fine for .PDF and .PS files,
and I can recommend it.
The other machine, has a HP LJ1100 printer. This does not understand postscript directly, and requires a filter between ghostscript and the printer. (I guess that would create the raster needed to print).

I have the recommended filter file - called "hpijs", but have not yet discovered where or how to install it,
set it up, or configure KGhostView to use it.

Could someone please point me to the right bit of the "fabulous manual", so that I can RTFM ? I haved looked at "CUPS" and "foomatic", but it is not clear whether they are needed or desirable. There is such a huge variety of Linux-printing material on offer that it is hard to know where to start !

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