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Re: KGhostView

On Monday 27 June 2005 8:53 am, Geoff Bagley wrote:
> I have been using KGhostView for some time now,  testing and printing
> out home-spun
> postscript mapping programmes,  and also down-loaded .pdf files.
> Recently however, either after an apt-get upgrade or perhaps one of my
> very infrequent re-boots,
> an annoying fault has appeared.
> The first phase of KGhostView (and similar progs)  is to display the
> postscript image.
> This is ruined by a dominant back-ground pattern of little black triangles.
> The subsequent printer output to my hp lj1300 is normal.
> It may be a dependency problem (I have not been able to find) or perhaps
> due to a library
> change,  - or even something to do with my X-server.
> The problem is that I have run out of ideas.
> I have thought of going right back to Woody, which was OK,  and then
> upgrading bit by bit
> until the fault  re-appears.
> Any better ideas please ?

Well, why not try either KPDF or the brand new Adobe Reader 7.0? Both are 
really nice pieces of software.


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