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Re: Question about KMail & KPdf

On Thursday 09 June 2005 22:03, Gregg Belli wrote:
> > Second question concerns KMail. The thing that I like about Outlook
> > Express is that when you have more than 1 e-mail account and you
> > write an e-mail you can choose from which account you'd like to send
> > the message. In KMail so far I always just switch the default account
> > which is a bit tedious.... So is it possible in KMail to do the
> > mentioned switching?
> For me, Kmail by default has an Identity dropdown as the first item
> under the toolbars that allows me to choose. Again, 3.4.1 from alioth,
> fresh install, but I know I've been using this feature forever because,
> as you know, it rocks.

You can set whether the identity dropdown (and others; I use the language 
dropdown quite a bit) should be shown using the View menu *when you are 
composing a message*.

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