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Question about KMail & KPdf

Hi all!
I've 2 questions to which I haven't found a solution yet. First of all, is there a KPDF plugin
for web browsers ? I really like the KPDF in KDE 3.4 but I'm still using acrobat for internet
usage (and I don't like that I keep a program only for this usage - I'd really like to use only
Second question concerns KMail. The thing that I like about Outlook Express is that when
you have more than 1 e-mail account and you write an e-mail you can choose from which
account you'd like to send the message. In KMail so far I always just switch the default
account which is a bit tedious.... So is it possible in KMail to do the mentioned switching?
Thanks for you help!
Mateusz Linda

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