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Problem with cdrom and kded on an ibook

Hello everybody,

I'm using the Alioth KDE 3.4 package both on i386 and on powerpc (Pierre's
packages + some local compilations).

On i386, media:/ does not show nothing. I've read here (if I remember
well...) that's it's a known problem.

On my ibook, media:/ works fine. When I plug an usb key, it appears in
media:/ (and on my desktop as I configured it to do that). But I have
problems with some CDs.

If I insert a CD with a few files on it, everything's OK and the CD appears
in media:/. If the CD contains a lot of files (like 99% of the CDs ;-)),
kded starts eating all the memory and the kernel log is flooded by lines
like (the sector number is varying):

 May 31 11:16:32 YBook kernel: hdc: tray open
 May 31 11:16:32 YBook kernel: end_request: I/O error, dev hdc, sector 4

I think this may be a KDE related problem because under Gnome the CD is
automounted without problem.

Does anybody have the same problem or a hint to search further where the
problem is? (or the solution of course ;-)).


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