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Re: amaroK crashes on startup

On 5/30/05, Nick Vanderweit <nickv111@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Nick,

>         Upon starting amaroK 1.2.3-1 on Debian PPC/sid, the program segfaults
> after a few seconds. When I try to get a backtrace, there are no debug
> symbols in the binaries. Unfortunately, I cannot compile from Debian
> source package in order to get debug symbols because "debian/rules
> binary" cannot find amarok.kcfg.

The file ist there
so maybe there's another problem showing up in the build-log? Did you
install all build dependencies?

I just tried building the amarok package with: debian/rules binary and
apt-src. It worked without problems (on i386).


PS: Sorry Nick, I accidently replied to you in private not on the list.

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