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Re: Kvim broken in alioth

On Monday 30 May 2005 14:26, Rigo Wenning wrote:
> Am Monday 30 May 2005 12:22 verlautbarte Matej Cepl :

> What is a bit sad is that efforts are now split between yzis and kate
> instead of championing one editor. But this is how the world works today.

yes and no:
- yes there both editors, so in that sense there's duplication
- they have different scopes though: kate is a general kde-only editor, yzis 
is a portable backend library for a vi-like editor, with several frontends 
(amongst which a kde one that also acts as a editor-kpart). Userbase for a 
vi-like editor, and userbase for a normal gui-editor don't really overlap. 
- kate and yzis do share code where it makes sense (one example being the 
highlighting for different sorts of files, where they both use the same 
LUA-syntax files AIUI)

Cheers, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)
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