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DejaVu fonts

after screwing up, sending this message to another non-Debian group, and
confusing other poor humans with Debianese, I am reposting this into this



following up on the previous discussion about the default fonts for KDE.
Americans and some Western Europeans suggested Bitstream Vera as such
standard font and we, non-latin1 people (I am from the Czech republic) were
opposing that because Bitstream Vera doesn't work for us. However, there
seems to be project for extending Bitstream Vera fonts for reasonably large
subset of Unicode. See
<http://dejavu.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page> and Debian
bug#296072 (which is ITP). I am using these fonts just now and they seem to
be pretty good (so far, I haven't found anything suspicious, but I am not a
typograph so probably I don't see many possible mistakes).

Is there any DD among us, who would be willing sponsor that ITP?


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