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Re: Konqueror (in file manager) doesn't automatically refresh file list and stats.

Am Dienstag, 24. Mai 2005 15:07 schrieb Andrew Kovacs:
> I tried creating a new test user, (as David Pye suggested) as a way of
> safely auto-generating the local .kde settings, but this made no difference
> to the 'Konqueror not refreshing' problem.
> If I cp a file (using Konsole) to a directory currently being viewed by
> Konqueror, then it appears, and if I rm that same file, it disappears, but
> if I view a directory in Konqueror that contains a file being downloaded,
> Konqueror shows no changes.  If I dual-boot into my old Mandrake 10.0
> system and do the same thing, it shows every .1Mb increment in the file
> size during the download.  As if in real-time.
> Anyone else have any ideas?

You use the same Filesystem and the same Kernel (with same configuration) and 
same KDE version in both installations?


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