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Re: question about spam and d-bus

On May 21, 2005 12:37, Wolfgang Mader wrote:
> The second thing I noticed is that kde 3.4 seems to need d-bus. Please
> correct me if I am wrong but d-bus is an methode for apps to communicate
> which each other. But I think KDE uses dcop for such things. Will there
> be two different technics to do the same thing in KDE in the future?

D-BUS doesn't just let applications talk to each other. It also connects the 
applications to hardware (through the kernel and hotplug) so that 
applications, or other systems which use D-BUS (such as HAL) can be 
notified when a CD is inserted, for instance. KDE 3.4 adds a media ioslave 
that handles removable discs and drives, and though it doesn't strictly 
require a full D-BUS/HAL setup to function, it does work best with it.

D-BUS also has the advantage of being supported outside of KDE, making for 
improved interaction between KDE and non-KDE applications. For KDE 4.0, I 
believe a more complete adoption of D-BUS in place of, or in addition to, 
DCOP is planned. But don't quote me on that - the exact nature of the 
transition was still up in the air, last I heard.

Christopher Martin

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