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Re: Kopete Issues with MSN

* Hendrik Sattler [Fri, 20 May 2005 18:43:23 +0200]:

> >From the ChangeLog:
> "Enabled nofinal for kopete/protocols/msn, since otherwise it won't compile."
> Can you explain that a bit further?

  Yes: normaly KDE is compiled with --enable-final, which makes things
  compile faster (by means of, roughly, "cat *.cpp >all.cpp; g++ -c
  all.cpp" instead of compiling each file independently). This works
  most of the time, but sometimes is not possible, like with the newly
  introduced code.

  The binaries produced are completely equivalent, of course.

> Was the new code tested at least a bit?

  Sure, I was able to log into my MSN account, and I tested my Jabber
  account too.

> Did you compare your backport and the backport from the kopete team?

  Yes. When I had a look last night, everything was the same except a
  typo in Makefile.am (they've fixed that now) and the nofinal thing,
  which they've enabled 6 hours ago (presumably, after realizing it
  didn't compile otherwise).

> 24h code in Sarge is quite odd to me especially with such a big changes in 
> code.
  The code is not in Sarge yet, and I consider the changes "small",
  given the size of kopete.

> Does the new code affect any part besides MSN protocol?

  Not at all.

> I just wonder how long it takes that some protocol supported by kopete changes 
> again. I heard of http://volatile.debian.net and maybe kopete is a candidate 
> for it?

  Yes, that's an option (I've seen discussion about using it for gaim).
  However, using volatile makes no sense until Sarge is released as
  stable, which is not the case at the moment.

> I really like it that backport for older versions are done by the kopete team, 
> now.

  Sometimes upstream will provide such backport, sometimes they won't.
  In other circumstances, I wouldn't have minded waiting a couple of
  days, but there were impelling reasons for which the upload had to be
  immediate (namely, that yesterday was the last day for non-RC uploads
  targetted at Sarge).

> HS

  Honestly, I wonder what the purpose of your mail was.


Adeodato Simó
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