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Re: Scrambled fonts in PDF

Matías Costa schrieb:

Define "scrambled characters"?  When I open that attachment, everything
looks fine except for character spacing - in particular all of the "n"s
seem to be too close to the next character, and the same happens in a
couple of other places.
Sorry about my rather imprecise description :-( As you assumed, what I was taking about is *character spacing* with ovelapping characters.
If yours is more scrambled than that, it would
appear to be specific to your PDF reader or installed fonts, rather than to
the output of the ps2pdf program.
And what pdf reader do you use? Witk kpdf 0.4 (from KDE 3.4) the artifacts are not fatal, but really annoying.

The extend of the effect shown in most of the pdf-viewers I use, is the same, whether I use xpdf, acroread on linux or acroread on windows.

In my installation printing to pdf the horizontal distance is right, no letters overlapped. But some letters are shifted up 2-3 pixels inside the words. Anyway mine sees better. I have bitstream sans vera as font.
I was using "helvetica" for the first example I sent. I attached another one using "Bitstream Vera Sans" (google2.pdf ). Now other characters seem to have the wrong character spacing. To assure you see what I am talking about I attached a png-snapshot of what my viewers show. Especially the word *Programs* is merely readable anymore.

I installed kdeprint and gv packages.
I use kdeprint 4:3.4.0-0pre3 and gv 1:3.6.1-10.

Any ideas where else I could look for the problem?

Thanks, Marc

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