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Re: Scrambled fonts in PDF

On Monday 09 May 2005 20:13, Marc Bantle wrote:
> this may be off-topic, sorry if so!
> Since a view dist-upgrades ago (the latest brought KDE 3.4 to my
> notebook), creating a pdf by printing from a KDE-Applications using
> special printer "ps2pdf" results in a document containing scrambled
> characters (sample attached). This does _not_ happen, when I specify a
> target device *screen*. Something with my font configuration seems to be
> messed. Any ideas where to look for the cause?

Define "scrambled characters"?  When I open that attachment, everything looks 
fine except for character spacing - in particular all of the "n"s seem to be 
too close to the next character, and the same happens in a couple of other 
places.  If yours is more scrambled than that, it would appear to be specific 
to your PDF reader or installed fonts, rather than to the output of the 
ps2pdf program.

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