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Re: Kiosk mode and desktop-profile package

On Sunday 01 May 2005 18:55, VSJ wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to make a profile with some default (and mandatory) KDE
> settings for all users on all client PCs.
> I'd like to do this the Debian Way (tm).
> I've downloaded and installed the desktop-profiles package.

> The documentation refers to kiosktool at kalyxo.org, which doesn't seem to
> be available.

the upstream page can be found at [1], there used to be a deb-package of 
that available in the kalyxo archives, though apperently not anymore ;-(
(the latest version compiled withouth problem on my unstable system, after 
installing the necesary -dev packages)

[1] http://extragear.kde.org/apps/kiosktool/

> Furthermore, I'd like to export the global settings profile using NFS;
> what is the Debian/FSH location for this profile? 

there currently is no Debian mandated location, FHS says configuration files 
should be under /etc somewhere. (note that a kde-profile could contain data 

desktop-profiles, allows you to place the actual profiles anywhere you want, 
(the location is part of the metadata in the .listing file for each 

> In /etc/desktop-profiles/desktop-profiles.listing there is a line
> kde-prefix;KDE;/usr;;;System-wide kde stuff on Debian (stuff in PREFIX)
> Should I put the location of the global settings profile in front or
> after /usr ?

first note that it's not the order of the lines but the precedence value 
(4th field in the line above) that's important (not sure if that was 

the line above doesn't specify a precedence value which means that any 
profile that has a precedence specified will be considered to have a higher 
precedence then profile described above.

When looking for a configuration setting KDE will look through each profile 
in order of precedece, as follows:
- look for the setting in the highest precedence profile, 
   - found -> the value specified there will be used, 
   - not found -> repeat for profile with next highest precedence
=> your profile should have a higher precedence then the default one, 
(unless you want the settings from the package to override your settings, 
in case of conflicting values, but I can't think of any situation where 
you'd want that :)

> I don't want to alter files and directories provided by the Debian KDE
> packages. 
this also means you should add the line for your your added profile to a 
(new) .listing file (mystuff.listing, or somesuch),
Cheers, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)
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