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Kiosk mode and desktop-profile package


I'm trying to make a profile with some default (and mandatory) KDE settings
for all users on all client PCs.

I'd like to do this the Debian Way (tm).
I've downloaded and installed the desktop-profiles package. The
documentation refers to kiosktool at kalyxo.org, which doesn't seem to be

Furthermore, I'd like to export the global settings profile using NFS; what
is the Debian/FSH location for this profile? I don't want to alter files
and directories provided by the Debian KDE packages.

In /etc/desktop-profiles/desktop-profiles.listing there is a line

kde-prefix;KDE;/usr;;;System-wide kde stuff on Debian (stuff in PREFIX)

Should I put the location of the global settings profile in front or
after /usr ?

Thanks in advance

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