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Re: kontact (kde 3.4.0) stay initializing

Am Donnerstag, 31. März 2005 19:09 schrieb Derek Broughton:

> I just happen to have run across the same problem.  In my case, on
> upgrading from KDE 3.3 and sid to KDE3.4 and kubuntu, it appeared to lose
> the passwords for two IMAP accounts (perhaps related to using kwallet?) and
> put up prompts for both passwords, but it wouldn't let me enter the
> passwords.  I had to kill kontact, start kmail, respond to the prompts,
> exit kmail, and finally restart kontact.  I'm not convinced that it's fixed
> yet, since I haven't logged out and back in with kontact open...

I have the same problem. But restarting Kontact is not necessary. Just close 
all password windows using the button in the title bar. Kontact will ask you 
again later and then you can enter the password... Strange, but it works for 


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