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Re: kontact (kde 3.4.0) stay initializing

On Thursday 31 March 2005 10:49, Julian Hernandez Gomez wrote:
> Hi!
> This is the first time that kontact  do this thing.  I can start kontact,
> the window is diplaying correctly, but then kontact say "Initializing..."
> and the kmail auth dialog box apperas but I can't type anything (the
> pointer always is a clock). The .xsession-errors says nothing, but the
> strange thing is that if I start kmail without contact it runs fine :-s

I just happen to have run across the same problem.  In my case, on upgrading 
from KDE 3.3 and sid to KDE3.4 and kubuntu, it appeared to lose the passwords 
for two IMAP accounts (perhaps related to using kwallet?) and put up prompts 
for both passwords, but it wouldn't let me enter the passwords.  I had to 
kill kontact, start kmail, respond to the prompts, exit kmail, and finally 
restart kontact.  I'm not convinced that it's fixed yet, since I haven't 
logged out and back in with kontact open...

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