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Re: Locking screen doesn't work

> > Do you also use the kdebluetooth package from the external 
> > If yes, purge and reinstall it.
> thanks, locking works now (and kdebluetooth still works ;)

Yikes.  What the hell kind of a solution is that?  kdebluetooth is 
interfering with your desktop locking?  And purging and reinstalling 
fixes the problem?  Why, why?

This does not speak well for KDE stability.  It's as if we'd learned by 
luck from a passing leprechaun that the solution was to sprinkle a 
certain kind of fairy dust.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you found your answer.  But as I struggle 
with my own KDE 3.4 hassles, reading about a solution like that just 
sets my teeth on edge.  I wonder what model of fairy dust I'll need to 
solve my KDE problems.

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