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Re: kompmgr

Transparency works fine for me as well (I recompiled the packages, though),
with kde 3.3.2 & xcompmgr. But I wonder if others observed:
Gdk-ERROR: "badmatch"
with some applications. I got this error with xcdroast and pptpconfig at least.

FYI the only workaround I found was, unfortunately! to disable the composite extension:
#Section "Extensions"
#       Option "Composite" "Enable"
#       Option "RENDER" "Enable"

Perhaps some gdk apps. need a fix, or I did something wrong, can very well be!

Thanks, Cheers, JD.

On Saturday 26 March 2005 10:57, A.M.P. Boelens wrote:
AB > On Fri, Mar 25, 2005 at 03:52:42PM -0500, Benjamin Kudria wrote:
AB > > Is there a reason kompmgr isn't included in the repository?  I understand that 
AB > > the packages are built with an XFree environment in mind, but if kompmgr is 
AB > > included anyway, XFree users won't experience breakage, they'll just get a 
AB > > 'go and get the latest xorg' message in the translucency settings dialog.  
AB > > But Xorg users (like me) will get the full benefit.  could kompmgr please be 
AB > > included?  
AB > > 
AB > > PS. Please CC me any replies, I'm not subscribed.
AB > 
AB > I'm using the xorg packages and kwin from ubuntu hoary at the moment and
AB > translucency works fine.
AB > 
AB > Arnout
AB > 
AB > 

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