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kde 3.4 klaptopdaemon broken resume after suspend


I don't have a laptop but I use klaptopdaemon so I can conveniently suspend my 
desktop at night.  After installing kde 3.4 from alioth, my session no longer 
resumes after using klaptopdaemon to enter suspend mode.  The screen comes 
back scrambled and doing a "CTRL-ALT-F1" has no effect.  I can do a 
"ALT-SysRq SUB" to reboot though.  I'm using apm and a 2.6.10 kernel.  
Entering "apm --suspend" and "apm --standby" in the xterm of the failsafe X 
session works as expected.  Only when running a kde 3.4 session does resuming 
fail.  Everything worked fine with kde 3.3.  Any idea what is wrong?


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