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can not start any session from kdm


I have kde-3.4, and in kdm I can choose from sessions 'default', 'custom', 
'kde' and 'failsafe'. All of these choises leads to one end: an xterm window 
opens, and nothing more... I can start 'startkde' from that xterm window, and 
than kde starts, and it is fully functionable, but it doesn't matter which 
session I chose from kdm's dropdown list, I always end up with just an xterm 
window instead of starting kde (or the apropriate, selected window manager).
I have XFree 4.3.0.dfsg.1-10 installed from debian sarge, but I've compiled 
kde-3.4 myself, and it is in it's default dir (/usr/local/kde).

In my homedir:

.xinit -> .xinitrc
.xsession -> .xinitrc
$ cat .xinitrc

(^^^ this is for the "custom" session)

I can see from /usr/local/kde/share/config/kdm/Xsession file, that
choosing failsafe would start the xterm progeam only,
choosing custom is parsing my .xsession file, and
choosing default is starting /usr/local/kde/bin/startkde.

It seems, no matter what I choose, kdm always starts the failsafe mode, and 
opens up an xterm window only.

I can not see any error messages in my kdm.log or XFree's log files (regarding 
this issue).

I've installed xdm, to see if it works, but after typing my login name and 
password, and hitting enter, my screen flickers, and I get back xdm again, 
with cleared login name and password fields.

Can someone help me configuring my system right?



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