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Re: kde3.4.0 lock at startup

> when Konversation is launched automaticaly at login.
> I had to remove the konversation stuff in the ksmserverrc to be able
> to use kde.

Sounds like the same problem I reported yesterday.  See my message yesterday
about "KDE 3.4: multiple hangs at log in".

I'm going to open a bug report about this as soon as I have time.  When I do
I'll post the URL here.  Please add your observations to it, so the
developers will pay attention.

I don't know anything about ksmserver or ksmserverrc, but looking at my
ksmserverrc now, apparently it has the information about which apps to
restart at login.  This is good to know; maybe I can manipulate it make my
logins easier.

Also, this gets to the question of which KDE app I should file this bug
report against.  KWin?  ksmserver?  I have no idea.  If I can find the
right app to file the bug against, we'll get a faster response.


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