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Re: winkey (tuxkey) for launching k-menu problem

> Hey, I finally found success in configuring this.  Use the Control
> Center => Regional & Accessibility => Keyboard Layout => Xkb Options to
> "Enable xkb options" and "Third Level Choosers" "Press any of the
> Winkeys to choose 3rd level" and hit "Apply".  Then, go to "Keyboard
> Shortcuts" => Global Shortcuts and under "Panel" "Popup Launch Menu"
> choose customize and just hit the "Win" key.  On mine, it labels it
> "ISO_Level3_Shift", instead of "Win" key.  Now, hit "Apply" in the lower
> right corner.
> I don't use the "Win" keys for anything else, so it doesn't matter to me
> that they are now mapped to "ISO_Level3_Shift", whatever that means.


Thank you Paul!!!

I don't use the win key for anything else either so it works for me too.


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