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Re: winkey (tuxkey) for launching k-menu problem

Christopher Martin wrote:
On March 18, 2005 13:50, Robert Lindgren wrote:


Since I upgraded to kde 3.4.0 it's not possible to launch the K-menu with
the win key any longer. Alt-F1 works but for some reason I've gotten used
to use the winkey. Is it possible to get it back somehow?


Last I heard, this functionality was ripped out of KDE as part of the kicker overhaul. I miss it as well, but it was apparently a monster hack, and caused various problems. Perhaps it will be re-implemented in the future, of course, but I haven't heard of any plans...

Christopher Martin

Yes, I also like to use the key board to maneuver through menus, and got used to the Win key to launch the menu. I spent a bunch of time playing with keyboard types and keyboard shortcuts, and never have been able to get it working in 3.4. You're probably right that it's gone for good. I did notice that I could configure the keyboard shortcuts to use the "menu" key (by itself) to popup the main menu. This is not as good as the Win key, but maybe usable. I wonder why they can configure a single keystroke of the "menu" key, but not the Win key by itself? :(


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