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KDE 3.4 - little problem with progress bar when downloading files.


first I have to congratulate all debian-kde maintainers since kde 3.4 works 
very well on my system.
I have only some little problem that I will tell you now :
- First, some error messages which seems not have other effects on the 
usuability of the system :

in .xsession-error, I get :
libhal.c 1205 : Error sending msg: No property volume.disc.has_audio on device 
with id /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/block_3_1

I didn't have it with older dbus-1

- Second :
I can't restart my computer from kde. I guess it is because I don't use kdm 
3.4, but the one (3.3.2-1b) which is available on alioth. Instead of 
restarting, it just goes back to kdm greeter.

- Third (the main problem for me, the one I told about in the title) :
When I download a file, the progress bar show me immediatelly "100%" already 
downloaded. It seems it doesn't succeed in estimating how many time it has to 
spend to download the file (I think it can't get the file size).

Thanks a lot for your work

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