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Re: Where do i get 3.4?

> in http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/migration-status.txt. Leaving a

that file is meant for woody -> sarge migration
not the 3.3 -> 3.4 one

the difficult thing with kde packaging in debian is that we have to deal 
with the bleeding edge kde (3.4.0) in order to please all the user 
(that we actually are too ;p) that are impatient about it, but we have 
to care about the kde that will stay in sarge, and that should be 

anyway, kdm is *not* on alioth, so there is no need for a note (ok, the 
argument does not convince myself either). in fact we have not that 
much time to have a wiki or some kind of a bad site, because kde 
packaging is very time consuming.

debian-kde@ and debian-qt-kde@ archives are the place to look at, since 
we make regular status upgrades, announces, and answer to the users.

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