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Re: Where do i get 3.4?

> > Also, I haven't found i18n packages :\
>   Yes, we know it's pending. The person in charge for it will probably
>   prepare it "soon".

Along this line... I don't wish to sound greedy, as I'm very pleased to 
see most of KDE 3.4 already available through aleroth.  But...  I'm 
dying to see the new "fast user switching" feature in kdm, as I 
participated in the bug report that led to its creation.  The developer 
closed the bug report 6 months ago, saying that he'd implemented the 
feature... in KDE 3.4!

So now the moment has finally arrived! but I don't see the new kdm on 
aleroth yet.  Any idea how much longer we'll have to wait?


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