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Re: media:/ in 3.4-pre broken?

On Mon March 14 2005 18:50, Isaac Clerencia wrote:
> On Tuesday, 15 de March de 2005 00:48, Zack Cerza wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > media:/ in the current 3.4 packages only shows my floppy drive. Should it
> > also show, for example, mounted/unmounted USB storage devices? What about
> > internal hard disk partitions? If it's not supposed to show these things,
> > what's the recommended way to mount them in KDE 3.4?
> Well, it works perfectly here with udev + dbus + hal + pmount, it
> automagically detects my USB sticks even without an entry in /etc/fstab ,
> can you try installing that packages? :)

I have them all installed, but pmount wasn't set up. pmount did let me mount 
removable media as a normal user via the terminal, but media:/ still only 
lists my floppy drive.

More bad news: now my kernel log is full of "cdrom error" messages, and the 
light on my DVD drive blinks constantly due to hal polling it. In fact, both 
my DVD drive and my CD drive shut immediately after I open them now, 
apparently also due to the polling. :(

Thanks for responding,


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