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Re: media:/ in 3.4-pre broken?

Hi Zack,

On Tuesday 15 March 2005 00:48, Zack Cerza wrote:
> media:/ in the current 3.4 packages only shows my floppy drive. Should it
> also show, for example, mounted/unmounted USB storage devices? What about
> internal hard disk partitions? If it's not supposed to show these things,
> what's the recommended way to mount them in KDE 3.4?

Same problem here, it only works for my optical drive (no floppy here..). 
usb/ieee1394 devices do not appear. For the time beeing, i created 
device-icons on my desktop to mount ieee1394-hdd/mp3-player/flash.

> for media:/ on my kicker, or on my desktop? I can't right-click on anything
> under 'Actions' in the kicker menu.

There's an applet called 'Media Storage'. It should show devices found by 

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