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Re: cdrom module loading causes hangup

El Jueves 10 Marzo 2005 21:26, Aaron Frerichs escribió:
> > Are you using devfs? if you are not sure look if /dev/.devfs exists.
> Thanks for the suggestions Matias and Patrick.
> I checked for this file, and it does not exist, so I am not using
> devfs.  I also checked to see if discover (or discover1) was installed
> and it is not either.

Do not believe me too much about the fact you are not using devfs, read on...

> >From these discussions, and from what I have learned online, I can now
> consistently cause the bug.  I restart the computer, start kde then
> open konqueror.  If the Audio CD Browser is in the left-hand pane of
> konqueror, it will hang-up about 1 minute later.  If I click on the
> Audio CD Browser, it will hang-up almost immediately.  I opened top,
> and it seems that after clicking on the Audio CD Browser modprobe
> starts and begins using around 98% of the cpu.  I also did "tail -f
> /var/log/messages" and it seems that it is the sjcd module is the one
> modprobe is trying to load when the cpu spikes.

Wat you say is totally... well, the way devfs works, and the cause why devfs 
was droped. Are you logged as root? if not, it's grave. Where is the (setuid) 
script or whatever witch makes crazy modprobes?

> I removed the package kdemultimedia-kio-plugins and I think the problem
> is gone.  audiocd:/ is no longer handled in konqueror, so it no longer
> trys to load the modules.
> Now, should I report the bug elsewhere?  If so, where?
> Thanks,
> Aaron

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