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Re: cdrom module loading causes hangup

> Are you using devfs? if you are not sure look if /dev/.devfs exists.

Thanks for the suggestions Matias and Patrick.

I checked for this file, and it does not exist, so I am not using
devfs.  I also checked to see if discover (or discover1) was installed
and it is not either.

>From these discussions, and from what I have learned online, I can now
consistently cause the bug.  I restart the computer, start kde then
open konqueror.  If the Audio CD Browser is in the left-hand pane of
konqueror, it will hang-up about 1 minute later.  If I click on the
Audio CD Browser, it will hang-up almost immediately.  I opened top,
and it seems that after clicking on the Audio CD Browser modprobe
starts and begins using around 98% of the cpu.  I also did "tail -f
/var/log/messages" and it seems that it is the sjcd module is the one
modprobe is trying to load when the cpu spikes.

I removed the package kdemultimedia-kio-plugins and I think the problem
is gone.  audiocd:/ is no longer handled in konqueror, so it no longer
trys to load the modules.

Now, should I report the bug elsewhere?  If so, where?

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