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Re: System Log Viewer Issues

Le Jeu 10 Mars 2005 00:05, Leonard Chatagnier a écrit :
> When I open a log file in the viewer,  almost all of them show a
> message either that the file is not a log file even though "log" is
> in the file name or that the file can't be opened.  Is this a bug or
> do I need to log in to KDE as root user.  I'd like to use the viewer
> to monitor log files If I could figure out how.  Appreciate any help
> given.  Please copy to me email address as I not subscribed.  And
> thanks. 

I never used such an app ... so I can't tell you for sure. but IMHO, 
this app cannot be used to read logs that your user is not allowed to 

the *good* solution is also to use the 'run command' dialog, clicking on 
'options >>' and then checking 'run as another user' (I use french l10n 
so it may be another wording for you) and choose root.

But remember that logging as root under any X session is rarely a good 

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