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Re: kamil recent-address's

Le Jeu 10 Mars 2005 03:33, Greg Madden a écrit :
> KDE 3.3.2, Sarge.
> A feature of kmail composer is a drop down list of recent addresses
> when typing in the TO: field. The address in recent-addresses is
> wrong, and I cant's find a way to change the address. There is not a
> recent-address group in kaddressbook. A small but annoying glitch.

I don't understand. your problem is you sent a mail with a bad adress, 
saw it later, and the fact that the bad one remains in the completions 
disturb you ? is that it ?

if yes, then, the next mail with it corrected will be in recent adress, 
and the bad one will disapear.

AFAIK, kmail takes the adresses from your sentbox or sth like that, so 
try to delete the mails with the bad adress in it and restart kmail.

but I may have misunderstood you problem
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