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Re: new KDE 3.4.0-0pre1 instalation error

> Problem is "update-desktop-database -q" in kmail.postinst (and
> others)
> This problem is not KDE specific. Check errors #290736 and #298668
> in Debian bug database.
> >    but IMHO, and without accurate information you are not willing
> > to give, it's not related to our work
> I want to check if this is known problem first :-).

ok, with those very accurate informations, and after installing the 
package desktop-file-utils, I cannot reproduce the bug ...

and by reading the #29866, it appears that the problem is triggered 
by .desktop files that have multipel entries. So my understanding is 
that you have a bad .desktop file, but that it's not shipped by a kde 
package (I've all kde packages possible installed on one of my box, and 
I've *no* warning at all).

So maybe you should find those file, and decide if it is a :
 * desktop-file-utils
 * or a bug of the fulty .desktop file
I don't know how to choose between both of them, since I don't really 
know how a .desktop file should be shaped.

> > 3/ we know that kdm does not work, see [1]
> >
> >  [1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-qt-kde/2005/03/msg00063.html
> Yes, I know about this message. I understand it:
> kdm 3.4.0-pre1 doesn't upgrade smoothly but in meantime you can
> use kdm 3.3.4. This is not true - kdm 3.3.4 with kde libraries
> version 3.4.0-pre1 segfaults.

ok, then it was unclear. sorry, I was convinced to have said that the 
kde of 3.3.x wouldn't work on top of kde 3.4. my bad

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