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Re: wrong locale in kpackage kde 3.3.2

On Thursday 17 February 2005 03:06, Achim Bohnet wrote:
> Try:
> o first reboot ;)
> o grep in your home .* and in /etc/  where the bogus LC_ALL is set.
>   (then find and pester the orignator with a bug report ;)
Ehm, could you kindly suggest the command to enter? I am not familiar with the 
grep command from the console...I will be glad to file a bug report.

> Workarounds:
> o Try to start kdm/gdm/startx from a console window that has a
>   korrect LC* and LANG settings.  (Check with locale command)
> o start kpackage is a window that has correct  LC* and LANG
>   settings (Check with locale command)
I did not try the first one but did try the second workaround and gave me the 
same wrong locale result in respect to kpackage output.
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