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compose key not active before "applying" current keyboard


I experience the following:

I have the following lines in my .Xmodmap

!! Third example: Change right Control key to Compose key.
!! To do Compose Character, press this key and afterwards two
!! characters (e.g. `a' and `^' to get â).
remove  Control  = Control_R
keysym Control_R = Multi_key
add     Control  = Control_R

After staring the computer, the compose key does not work.

Then I enter the KDE control center / Regilnal & Accessibility /
Keyboard Layout
Here, I have as Keyboard model HP 5181 Internet Keyboard,

I change it to a different keyboard and back to the HP 5181.  Then I
press apply.

Immediately afterwards, the compose key works.

What is happening here?

Thanks for your help, Uli

I'm using Debian/Woody

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