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System notifications not working

Hi List.

Ever since KDE 3.3 my system notifications haven't been working (ie the
sounds when KDE starts up, and certain error sounds I had defined). It
was definitely working under KDE 3.1, but it might have gone at the 3.2
upgrade, I'm not really sure when.

When I go to the Control Center-> Sound System and "Test Sound", I hear
the jingle just fine. However, going to the system notifications, and
clicking on the little "play" button next to a notification, I hear
nothing. I'm assuming that somewhere along the way, a new Debian package
became used to play these and I dont have it for some reason (this is
happening on 3 Debian/Sid/KDE boxes of mine).

I'd be grateful for any help as an application has come along where
system notifications would make a huge difference.


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