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Re: KMix and Krec

On Saturday 05 February 2005 17:27, Alan Chandler wrote:
> I ma struggling to know what I am doing wrong.  I have just bought myself a
> pair of headphones with a microphone.
> With kmix running, I can switch on the microphone, and I immediately here
> everything I am saying through the headphones.

I appear to have solved it.  

1) There are a set of red buttons on the bottom of the input section of kmix - 
these seem to control record source.

2) There is a slide at the right hand end of the mixer called "Capture".  The 
red button on this seems to control whether the microphone will record or not 
(The buttons under the microphone column have no effect)

3) Non of this is mentioned in the help file

Alan Chandler
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,
 then they fight you, then you win. --Gandhi

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