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Re: Launching KPPP from desktop with root loses dsktop icons and wallpapers...

> > I placed KDE v3.3.1's KPPP icon on my desktop on my Debian v3.1 box
> <...>
> I could only guess as to what is going on since I have never used 
> KPPP.  Make sure the user is a member of the "dip" and "dialout" 
> groups (use the "groups" command), then try it without the su to root.

OK, I added "dip" and "dialout" to my non-root acount from KDE's System -> 
Users and Groups -> Properties button -> User's groups list (dip and 

I had to reconfigure my modem, ISP, etc. I compared the settings with with
my root's settings. I noticed it wouldn't let me do automatic DNS
retrieval, so I had to manually enter three DNS servers from

I went to test the settings and KPPP connection. I got all the way to
connection, but I get disconnected immediately and get a "Sorry - KDesktop
error: "KDEInit could not launch '/usr/bin/kppp'".

So, I tried kppp in KDE's terminal to see errors. After connection and
losing connection, I did NOT see "Sorry - KDesktop error: "KDEInit could
not launch '/usr/bin/kppp'" but did sse "received unexpected SIGCHLD. In
parent: pppd pid 4082", "error opening resolv.conf! [3 times]", and
"Couldn't find interface ppp0: No such device" in terminal.

What's wrong? :(

group ant showed that I have dialout and dip as you noted.

> To get an icon on the desktop without using KPPP I did the following:

I will try this later when I am bored. :) I doubt I will want this, but I 
will keep your tip as a reference. Thanks.

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