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Re: Knode killfile

On Thursday 03 February 2005 05:13, Matías Costa wrote:
> BTW, has knode a killfile o a way to filter the post from selected
> users?
> I can't find it. Thanks.

Knode 0.8.1 has a section in the manual on how to create a filter that 
functions as a killfile.  I'm not sure if it would work with earlier 
versions or not.

Procedure 2.4. Creating a Killfile

Go to Settings->Configure KNode+Reading News+Filters.

Create a new filter below unread, called killfile on. Be sure that Apply 
to single articles is set and then click on the Additional tab. Set 
score “equal to or less than zero” (<=); then click the OK until you 
have exited the dialog.

Open an article whose author should be killed and just type Ctrl+L(or 
select, from the Scoring menu, Lower Score for Author). This opens the 
Rule Editor (a part of scoring). You can optionally give the rule a 
name that matches the author (Kook, for example.) and then, if this is 
to be permanent, uncheck the expire automatically box; you'll see that 
this rule will change the author's score to minus ten (or the score you 
entered); finally, click OK.

Go to the menu item View->Filter->killfile on.


Bud Rogers <budr@netride.net>  KD5SZ

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