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Re: Problems playing ogg-files

Oliver Heins wrote:

I can't play ogg-files from kde-applications anymore. This used to work until a recent system-upgrade to kde 3.3.2-1. I used to use the experimental packages/the ones from http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/kde-3.3.2 from which the kdemultidia-packages are until now. (The 3.3.2 haven't hit unstable yet, which I'm using, yes.)

From kde-file-dialogues, I can't even see the ogg-files (e.g. from noatun, kaboodle); but I don't think it's an arts-related problem, because I can play them with artsplay. But: amarok complains about arts.

The libflac-issue should be solved, shouldn't it? By the time it occured, I never had these problems.

That's what amarok says when I try to play an ogg-file:

amarok: [controller] Loading URL: file:/data/mp3/Fleas%20and%20Lice/Fleas%20and%20Lice%20-%20Recipes%20For%20Catastrophes/Fleas%20and%20Lice%20-%2001%20-%20Harsh%20Realities.ogg amarok: [aRts-Engine] Loading url: file:/data/mp3/Fleas%20and%20Lice/Fleas%20and%20Lice%20-%20Recipes%20For%20Catastrophes/Fleas%20and%20Lice%20-%2001%20-%20Harsh%20Realities.ogg amarok: aRts-Engine: url.path() == /data/mp3/Fleas and Lice/Fleas and Lice - Recipes For Catastrophes/Fleas and Lice - 01 - Harsh Realities.ogg
amarok: aRts-Engine: url.protocol() == file
amarok: aRts-Engine: url.host()     ==
amarok: aRts-Engine: url.port()     == 0
amarok: ERROR: [ArtsEngine::connectTimeout()] Cannot initialize PlayObject! Skipping this track.


I had the same problem and was advised by the maintainer that new packages are in the mill. In fact, a testing version was available at:

deb http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/kde-3.3.2 ./

but, they may have been pulled already. If so, you'll just have to wait a bit longer for those experimental versions to hit unstable/testing.


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