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Re: reading news with Knode

On Thursday 27 January 2005 19:13, Jianan <jianan1@singnet.com.sg>
(<200501281013.08238.jianan1@singnet.com.sg>) wrote:

> I can read news articles while online. After going offline, the same
> articles cannot be read. Obviously they are not cached.

Knode is an on-line newsreader.

> Anything else to do?

1) Install a news server; Leafnode is a small, simple server.  If you've
   never used it before a bit of RTFM and looking at the options in 
   /etc/news/leafnode/config is about all it takes.

2) Switch to Pan -- a GTK application -- which can be used as an off-line
   newsreader.  It has some advantages over Knode and some disadvantages.

I install Leafnode and Knode earlier this week.  It didn't take much time,
but I had used Leafnode for a short time a few years ago.  Even if I dumped
Knode and went back to Pan, I'm sure to stick with Leafnode for quite a

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