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Re: "Open With" no longer guesses appropriate app

Not sure, but this could be an issue related with the problem that program 
associations are not saved when you select an app from the menu, as we have 
previously discussed.


On Thursday 27 January 2005 19:24, Nick Leverton wrote:
> One of the many reasons I love KDE is because, when I "open with" a link
> in a web page using the context menu, it looks at the URL extension (if
> there is one) and offers me the choice of apps to handle that filetype.
> Or it used to.  KD2.2 did, KDE 3.0 did, KDE 3.1 did.  Very handy to
> view a file from a website where KDE doesn't have an ioslave for it -
> just right click, Open With, and select my favourite configured app.
> But KDE3.2 doesn't and KD3.3 doesn't - in the link context menu they
> always offer HTML editors whenever the current page is HTML.  This is
> annoying, does it happen for everyone ?
> Konqueror as file manager gets it right, because it can go look inside
> the file before opening it.  Clicking directly on the link works too,
> presumably because it gets the MIME type from the remote site.  But I
> want to be offered the best-guess at the application in all cases ! :)
> Does anyone have this working (reasonable application being offered in
> the link context menu on khtml web pages) ?
> Nick

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