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Re: Every KDE App Crashes


I am having also problems with the KDE Crash Handler Dialog, and the whole
kde interface.

Unfortunaly I am running a system which is not up-to-date.
I installed it from Suse distro 9.0.

This behaviour exist on my system when I update a shared library. This
library is opened by kdeinit.
Maybe this could give some info for you.

I have to update many systems with a kind of self made distro.
I have destilated my update proces, some how that I know which part made the
system unstable.

The problem:	cp <lokation>/libasound.so.*  ->   /usr/lib/

after this the whole systems is behaviour is unstable.
even after cmd:  ldconfig,
It does not stabelise.

- pressing <TAB> makes the 'KDE Crash Handler Dialog' apears.
- after logging out, the system is busy for a very long time....

So does anybody know a way to update 'nicely' shared libraries on a running
system ??
after while a reboot is no problem. but now I is not possible to reboot at
all because of a hang of about minutes.

For now, if some body has a hint or tip. Please feel free to send to my
private mail.

Best Regards,

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