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Re: Debian bugreports

On Mon, 10 Jan 2005, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen wrote:

I didn't want to cut up your nice writing below, so I will just state my own small comment up here.

Thanks (that you think the writing is nice :-)

Let me just say that I personally would never ever consider filing any obvious KDE related bug with the debian bug tracking system. I always go straight to upstream. I have seen it work, and it seems KDE encourages this because they put the bug reporting option, that goes straight to their homepage, in the Help menu of every KDE application.

KDE is big and complex enough that it needs a bug tracking system, and it would be bordering on negligence if they didn't offer a way to report - I don't think that means they intend bugs to be reported to them only, and would probably like if all the distros filtered reports from their users so they (KDE's developers) don't end up chasing bugs which have resulted from interactions with a particular distro's take on things.

I think Debians bug tracking systems primary function is to sort out packaging problems and possibly security stuff for stable. Here it works well.

I agree in principle, but it is not always obvious if a bug is KDE's or Debian's... especially if the Debian-KDE Maintainers are modifying things, and considering the majority of us probably don't have a clue as to how KDE works or what the Debian-KDE team may have done to get KDE to fit well in Debian.

- Bruce

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